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More variations on C’rizz’s assassin outfit. Cause it’s hard to stop.

[Spoilers for The Next Life.]

C’rizz: What, can’t you get away, Kro’ka? My mind too strong for you now? You’re trapped here. Trapped with me now. Trapped with me, and them.
Kro’ka: Who… who are they all?
C’rizz: My victims, Kro’ka. The Church believes all things must die. They told me that death was a transfiguration. A route into the next life. To kill was a privilege granted the most adept, oh and I was adept. Very adept. The things they made me do in the service of the Foundation, I did them gladly. They made my heart sing, Kro’ka.

- The Next Life, Doctor Who - Big Finish Adventures

Sometimes you just want to draw some fancy costume design, and I don’t feel like we focus on C’rizz backstory as a badass assassin enough. And yes, I slapped the seal of Rassilon on there, because he’s the reason the Church of the Foundation exists, and the rest of the design is inspired by the Gallifreyan Chancellery Guard, mixed with general fantasy design.

[More versions.]

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Continuing my quest of pinning down a realistic C’rizz. I love this young, self-hating, sweet, dangerous, sassy, traumatised, brave, guilt-ridden, mentally/emotionally unstable, chameleonic monk/assassin companion…

"C’rizz, that’s not fair! Or very nice."
"Oh, I’m fed up of being nice, Charlotte! I’m fed up of being pushed around by Kro’ka, Divergents, Rassilons, and Doctors!"

- The Next Life

I can’t believe what bratty children these two are sometimes, when most of the time they are either adorable doofs or ridiculous badasses.

And finally, companion C’rizz, to conclude my Copic markers adventure.

I decided the demonic eyes and pointy red teeth was a bit too creepy for C’rizz. I prefer him to look cuddly even as he acts scary. Then of course I did colour variations, cause how can I not when your companion can change colour?

Make Me Choose: oswaldears asked: C’rizz or Hex

I realised I don’t think I’ve ever drawn C’rizz properly smiling before, and then I got carried away with the whole rendering reptilian skin thing, and experimenting with his design. The more reptilian eyes are cool, and the sharp and dark teeth are creepy, but I think with them combined he becomes a bit too demonic? I like him being a little creepy, but he’s adorable, so I don’t want him like super scary. Tricky balance.


My favourite TARDIS team.

The Eight Doctor: Boundlessly enthusiastic, charismatic, caring, romantic, optimistic to the point of naivety. Has a tendency to lose his memory. And then sometimes he’s dull and lecturing, or extremely snarky, and a few times downright cruel. Eventually becomes so broken by pain and loss, and in the end he has to destoy the whole of Gallifrey.

Charlotte ‘Charley’ Pollard: The 18 year-old Edwardian adventuress, who ran away from her upper-class life, sneaking aboard an airship dressed as a male crew-member, and became a paradox once the Doctor saved her life. Brave, kind, passionate, witty, intelligent, impulsive, stubborn, exuberant, all around lovely, and unfailingly loyal. One of the few the Doctor has ever openly loved as more than a friend, and quite deservedly so. (Can you tell she’s my favourite?)

C’rizz: A Eutermesan (humanoid chameleon-like species) from the planet Bortresoye, in a parallell universe. A monk forced to mercy-kill his wife, and also tries repeatedly to commit suicide before he joins up with the Doctor. When on form however, he is brave, kind, witty, clever, tenacious, and heroic. But also deeply traumatised, guilt-ridden, self-hating and a bit unstable. He’s a badass woobie.

In summary: You should definitely go listen to the Big Finish audios and experience the awesome that is these characters.

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C’rizz. One of my favourite Doctor Who companions.


The many variations of this, YOU ASKED FOR IT, KONI.

C’rizz is the prettiest chameleon companion.

I could do this all day.

I’m sorry I’m such a shit, have a cute sketch.


Take My Hand AU

Sophie Okonedo* as genderbent C’rizz (*with a dash of Lucy Lawless)

And yes this is a female version of C’rizz, but she’s a reptilian alien, and a rather muscular one at that, so don’t worry about her not looking all that female by human standards. But given the rarity of C’rizz fanart, feel free to pretend this is regular C’rizz, even though her face is totally different.

Art/idea by me.
Fic adaptation of “Terror Firma”, specifically this scene, by Cully.

Which will by the way probably give you super feels, like I literally started crying, so (not) sorry about that. If you had C’rizz feels before, this will only make it worse.

Spoilers for pretty much everything about C’rizz up to Terror Firma though, so I’m gonna put it behind a cut.

Wordcount: 1490

She hadn’t known, before. How could she have? How could any Eutermesan know that none of them could truly be said to have a self of their own, a moral compass, a personality separate and distinct from everyone around them? Eutermes zone and the company of her own kind was all C’rizz had known.

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Imagine C’rizz finding a box of crayons somewhere on the TARDIS, getting really excited about using them to practice changing colors, and then making Charley and the Doctor crappy little crayon drawings of the three of them on adventures together. 

A ridiculous Halloween drawing for you all. Because I was wondering what my favourite Team TARDIS would dress up as, so the answer was obviously as each other.

Of course the Doctor will never miss a chance to take his clothes off (he’s like that), and, you know, why wouldn’t I draw him with cornrows? Meanwhile Charley looks crazy dapper, but C’rizz is still working on how to manage human skin colour. Ah, my darlings.