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Practicing atmospheric and animated painting. Unfortunately I only decided on the ‘animated’ bit around when I started drawing the rain, so the background’s a bit static. Ah well. Featuring the lovely Eight.

Nathan Fillion.

That time a mind-controlled Ianto took Lucie hostage. Yup.


A quick sketck using whatever supplies I had lying around.

The Eighth Doctor and his companion Charley. I am dying for their long-awaited reunion in the 50th anniversary audio.


Molly Hooper ♥   (steps)

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James and Andrew being adorable.




An exploring kitten tumbled down the sofa into his lap. He stroked it, absently.

By now he had one kitten balancing on his head, two tussling in his lap, and one attempting to clamber up his waistcoat. […] He shook his head, carefully, and the kitten on top clung on for dear life.

- “Vampire Science”, Eighth Doctor Adventures

Because kittens. Which he later saves out of a burning building, if I remember correctly. So I’ve been meaning to draw this for… years.


John Watson portrait to match the Sherlock one.

devArt: http://harbek.deviantart.com/art/12-John-Watson-281164916

Vislor Turlough.