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OK, I’m not sure if I’m gonna get this finished because the poses are really giving me trouble, but I really liked Leela’s face so I coloured it just so I could share that at least.

In which I draw Sebastian Stan as the Hatter from Syfy’s Alice and probably put too much effort into it. Because I realised they look ridiculously similar, and, I dunno, do I need a better reason?

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I drew I lion. Why did I draw a lion? No one knows.

I’m getting excited about Gracepoint…

A gift for all my Norwegian followers: a stupid illustrated pun.

A giant Frobisher gives Bernice Summerfield a lift while they’re out exploring. Because reasons? Cause awesome companion teamups and shapeshifting penguins and idk I do what I want.

Gosh ok there’s no way I’m finishing this today and I’m going out to my cabin till Sunday, so here, have a sneak peak.


I was just thinking how much I would love if the 50th had Six in place of Eleven and Eight in place of War. Now, since I’ve already done Eight (and by the way, the Moment would clearly be represented by Charley), I just really needed to draw Six and Ten together. Especially because I have a massive crush on their blue suits (as seen for the audios, in Six’s case), and, yanno, they just match so well! And along with Eight, they’re my favourites. One day I’ll draw them alongside Eight in his blue coat too…

I finally did a Cecil. Cause there is just not enough PoC Cecil, much less freckled, bearded Cecil. Glowy eyes, white hair and suspenders is thankfully much more common, but here’s it’s all combined.

Alternative sans background. Reference used for pose and lightning.

The cutie patrol.

This is what happens when you get THAT drunk, boys.

Because there is just not enough visibility for aromantic asexuals - us who experience neither sexual not romantic attraction - and I wanted to create something for us. The ace of hearts is often used for asexuality, whereas aro aces get the ace of spades.

Unlike the rest of my art, you may share and repost this on other sites, but please do credit me (Kristine Harbek) and provide a link back.

I’ve also made it available in various forms on Society6, including prints, mugs, and clothing. If you’d like to have it some other form they provide (I dunno, maybe you want a shower curtain!), just shoot me a message.

Buy it here and contribute to our visibility!

Adele (who I have been a fan of for over a decade now) allowed me to colour her lineart of Eight wearing those new time lord collars, because I instantly fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

I’ve been sitting on this drawing for five months (which was very difficult, because I was very pleased with testing out a new colouring method, and finished the thing in a single day of frenzied painting) to not influence the way she’s painting it. Here’s a progress gif. Hope you like it!

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"Shh." His lips curve into a small smile, his face a poor imitation of someone offering comfort. His voice is soft, but his eyes are too bright, his glance too focused. "Shh, shh." He keeps his blade at Topher’s neck for a moment, lifting his spare hand to tenderly push back Topher’s hair from his forehead once more. "It’ll be okay." He settles his hand back at Topher’s shoulder, keeping him pinned, and removes the blade from his neck.

He smiles reassuringly as he stabs Topher in the side. The blade presses through layers of flesh and viscera until only the hilt is visible outside of Topher’s body.

[Written by cosmiccelery.]

Another illustration from roleplay, painted in a few hours in Photoshop CS6. Because we put this poor boy through hell, and I love it so much. (Thread.)

Did you miss me? Did your little human heart ache every moment I was gone? Did you have bad thoughts about me in the small dark hours before the dawn? Give in to them. Give in to meee. You know you want to.

Eighth Doctor possessed by Zagreus, in palette #13
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