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Trying a different colouring style. Couldn’t quite decide whether I should draw Eight or Bush, so I’m just gonna go with the “William Bush is secretly the Eighth Doctor with amnesia” AU, so I can have both.

Colouring comic pages when


That’s not how shoulders work

Why would his shoulder be pulled back when he’s reaching out

That must be the longest arm ever

I mean what’s going on here??

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Vic just made a .-. face in chat instead of a ._. face and then I had to figure out why that would look like this and I probably didn’t have to worry this much about the anatomy…

My entry to Flight Rising's Flameforger Festival Skin & Accent Contest, with the theme “The Fire Flight and Ashfall Waste.”

For those unfamiliar with Flight Rising, this was my template, and I did the colouring. I love Snapper dragons a lot.

My brain just got hit by this visual. Who knows what happened to poor Eight? Make up your own stories. And tell me when you do!

Cake gif. Fin.

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I just really wanted cake.

More variations on C’rizz’s assassin outfit. Cause it’s hard to stop.

[Spoilers for The Next Life.]

C’rizz: What, can’t you get away, Kro’ka? My mind too strong for you now? You’re trapped here. Trapped with me now. Trapped with me, and them.
Kro’ka: Who… who are they all?
C’rizz: My victims, Kro’ka. The Church believes all things must die. They told me that death was a transfiguration. A route into the next life. To kill was a privilege granted the most adept, oh and I was adept. Very adept. The things they made me do in the service of the Foundation, I did them gladly. They made my heart sing, Kro’ka.

- The Next Life, Doctor Who - Big Finish Adventures

Sometimes you just want to draw some fancy costume design, and I don’t feel like we focus on C’rizz backstory as a badass assassin enough. And yes, I slapped the seal of Rassilon on there, because he’s the reason the Church of the Foundation exists, and the rest of the design is inspired by the Gallifreyan Chancellery Guard, mixed with general fantasy design.

[More versions.]

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Continuing my quest of pinning down a realistic C’rizz. I love this young, self-hating, sweet, dangerous, sassy, traumatised, brave, guilt-ridden, mentally/emotionally unstable, chameleonic monk/assassin companion…

"C’rizz, that’s not fair! Or very nice."
"Oh, I’m fed up of being nice, Charlotte! I’m fed up of being pushed around by Kro’ka, Divergents, Rassilons, and Doctors!"

- The Next Life

I can’t believe what bratty children these two are sometimes, when most of the time they are either adorable doofs or ridiculous badasses.

And finally, companion C’rizz, to conclude my Copic markers adventure.

A random pretty face, to continue testing out Copic markers.

Getting acquainted with some borrowed Copic markers. Not overly pleased with this, but, eh, new equipment. *shrug*  Tennant without reference, and gosh I really need to practice his profile more, because I had to do some major fix-up on the proportions, and it’s still pretty wonky. (It really looks like this.) But then, I didn’t actually have an eraser, so I was kinda putting the lines more or less where they landed to start with.

I think it’s probably like an artist dream to go to a friend’s cabin, and you find a set of proper professional Copic markers that would cost $575 if bought now. (Or twice as much if you’re in Norway.)

I mean, granted, they’d been used for kiddie drawings by an entire family for decades, so most of the really intense dark colours that there were only a few of, like the blues and greens and reds, those were pretty much gone. Plus it was a set of left-overs, so it’s kind of a weird range of colours.

But if your favourite thing to draw is portraits, and you get a set where half the markers are skintones in perfect condition, you don’t complain. You just draw.